Adult Secondary Education/High School Diploma

It's never too late to...

Earn your High School Diploma at Lynwood Community Adult School!

The Adult Secondary Education program (Adult High School) program is designed with you in mind.  Instructor-led classes are conveniently offered during three sessions to fit into your demanding schedule. You can complete as many five-credit classes in each semester (approximately four to five months) as your schedule permits.  The recommended course load is 4-5 classes depending on your work schedule and/or family obligations.

Class schedules:


  • 9:00 - 11:30 AM - Monday & Wednesday * Tuesday & Thursday
  • 12:00 - 2:30 PM - Monday & Wednesday * Tuesday & Thursday


  • 5:00 - 8:00 PM - Each class is two days/week *Monday & Wednesday

Self-Paced Learning

In addition, Self-Paced Learning courses are available Monday & Tuesday from 5:00 - 8:00 PM at Firebaugh High School. (5246 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Lynwood, CA 90262)

Lynwood Community Adult School's High School graduation requirements:

  1. Complete a registration form for admission to the program.
  2. Submit an original, sealed transcript from your last school attended reflecting previous education to the Adult School prior to enrollment.
  3. Meet with a counselor or teacher-advisor prior to registration.
  4. Attend 80% or more of the total hours that a class meets in order to receive credit for classwork.
  5. Meet the residency requirement by completing at least two classes (10 credits) at Lynwood Community Adult School.
  6. Complete the following required credits:

Lynwood Community Adult School High School Diploma Credit Requirements

Academic Courses

Credits Required

English (Levels 9 - 12)

40 Credits

Mathematics, including Algebra 

30 Credits

Science (Biology, Physical, General, Life)

20 Credits

U.S. Government

5 Credits

U.S. History (A & B)

10 Credits

Economics/World Geography

10 Credits

World History

5 Credits

Fine Arts/Foreign Language

10 Credits


50 Credits


180 Credits


Updated: 09/14/2023; SR