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Welcome to LCAS Medical Assistant Program: Back Office


 Teacher Biography

Hello, My Name is Bridgette Holt-Carter RN, MSN. FNP. I have been a Nurse for over 35 years with clinical experience working in Coronary ICU, Medical ICU, Neuro ICU, ER, Medical Surgery Nursing, and Telemetry. I have a Master's degree in Nursing with Role emphasis as a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). My role as FNP was treating patients with acute and chronic diseases across the life span. I have been an adjunct Clinical Nursing Professor with Los Angeles southwest college for 12 years and a Theory instructor and Clinical Instructor for Lynwood Adult school Nursing program for 12 years as well as a theory instructor for the Medical Assistance Program for 4 years.

Education Philosophy

 As an Educator, I believe learning should be practical and fun and a lifelong process for both the student and myself. I believe in using learning strategies that address the learning styles and needs of every individual in hopes of achieving successful outcomes. As a Nurse and Educator, in which both are noble and highly rewarding professions, I believe that I am able to directly affect change in the lives of both students and patients alike.



“Teaching and education are not one size fits all.”

 by Ignacio Estrada