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Welcome to Lynwood Adult School

Welcome Students!
Teacher Biography
Ms. De La Torre is an instructor in the Career Technical Education Program at Lynwood Community Adult School. For 10 years, she has taught adult and highschool students in business administration and computer applications. She earned an AA in Economics from Los Angeles Valley Community College, and a B.S. in Applied Management from Grand Canyon University. Additionally, she holds certifications in IC3, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word Microsoft Office Programs. Ms. De La Torre strongly believes in providing students with the fundamentals of computer software and hardware. She creates lesson plans that are appropriate for the age and abilities of the students in the class and has vast knowledge in working with a diverse community. She enjoys teaching and is gratified when her students achieve their goals that add to their professional and educational growth.
Teaching Philosophy
I feel as an instructor, it is my responsibility to determine exactly what I expect students to understand after completing my course, then to facilitate student learning so that every student reaches this level.
I believe that education is a two-way proposition. The student’s part of the proposition is to come to class prepared to learn and my part is to create an interactive environment that engages the student in the learning process. However, due to the circumstances of online learning, I understand that new obstacles and challenges may get in the way of your learning experience. To try and counteract this and have your experience be as smooth as possible, I will be understanding and flexible to make sure you feel supported during these times.
"Everything that you do makes a difference; decide what kind of difference you want to make.”
Jane Goodall