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Welcome Video for Students

I earned my master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Central Florida, and a few years of industry experience with tech companies in both South Korea and the U.S.A. Although my undergraduate and graduate degrees are not in mathematics, I took many math and math-related classes in my undergraduate and graduate programs. 

I like math and teaching; also, I love my job teaching math to adult and secondary students. 

I find the value of my job when I see my students' success.

Teaching Philosophy

The school has the purpose of educating new generations. We establish schools and develop a curriculum for teaching our students in various subjects and social skills so they can be wonderful citizens. The teacher’s role is providing guidelines in school for students. 

I believe that the role of the student is more important than the role of school or teacher in the learning process because the students are the subjects of learning. In order to get knowledge in the disciplines the students should decide to learn something from the lectures or class activities. The students who are trying to engage in class activities and communicating with teachers are ready for success in learning processes.

I think motivating students to decide to learn from the teacher and school activities are parts that teachers can help the students to achieve their learning goals.

Students in my classes will use the knowledge they’ve learned from me in their area. I want them to think they have learned valuable lessons from me and I have been helpful in their life.

Kaizen(改善) is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices, personal efficiency (From Oxford definition). I wish my students and my life are being "Kaizen".​