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Welcome to Mr. Wiseman's teacher page

Personal Biography 

I have been an instructor at Lynwood Community Adult School since 1999. Teaching is something I wanted to do since childhood. It’s fun and I enjoy the students.  

Prior to teaching, I worked in the operations and bond divisions for  brokerage houses on the New York and Pacific Coast Exchanges. I spent 20 years in the Healthcare Industry working as a manager in Accounts Receivables/Data Entry, and as a Social Worker in Adult Day Care. I went to college a long time ago and graduated in 197?.  I was born and raised in Southern California and NO, I don’t remember the 60s.

Teaching philosophy

  1. No such thing as a bad student
  2. Remain teachable 
  3. SERVICE is the most important part of what I do Here

My Commitment to you

Today, I will commit to quality service and instilling into my students the desire to return to class. 

Today, I will portray an attitude of service not condescension.  Our service is really an attitude. 

Today, I will go above board to let my students know that I am grateful that they are in our school and my classroom.

Today I will be focused on treating students well. 

Today, I will create “a positive experience” for my students by treating them as though they are a guest in my home. 

Today I will provide five star services because my Students are actively and consciously looking for value

Thank you for choosing Lynwood Community Adult School

Scott Wiseman aka “Teacher”

2021-2022 School Year

Improvise, Adapt, & Overcome