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Ms. Wade is an ESL teacher at Lynwood Community Adult School. She currently teaches ESL III and IV, Conversation and Pronunciation. She started teaching in 2007 and has taught all levels of ESL as well as different classes with the Older Adult Program. Ms. Wade attended CSUDH where she got a Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish: Language/Literature and a Minor in English Linguistics. She also got a Master’s Degree in English TESL: Teachers of English as a Second Language. Additionally, Ms. Wade was recognized in the National Dean’s List for three consecutive years as well as in Who is Who Among Professionals. Ms. Wade understands that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve goals, and is always willing to help her students succeed and see that everything is possible in life. 


I believe that learning a new language changes the way we see the world because learning a language is not just drilling on grammar and vocabulary, but  also new and exciting ideas and customs of a new culture.

I stimulate my students’ interest by choosing topics that are more relevant to their lives and the environment in which they function. My way of teaching is positive and encouraging. My students and I work hard to reach their personal goals as well as the goals in the classroom. We do this while having fun in a healthy environment in which care and respect for others is essential. 

I prepare students with appropriate language skills that will help them in real life situations at home, work or in social settings.