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Welcome video for students. 

Teacher Biography

My name is Kenya D. Chaney. I am an instructor at Lynwood Community Adult School. I currently teach High School Equivalency Prep (GED/HiSET), Pre-Algebra, Adult Basic Math, Biology, and Chemistry. I’ve been an educator for 18 years at different levels including middle school, high school, Adult school, and college.I attended Alabama A&M University which is a historically black college. I also attended Colorado State University, Cal State Dominguez-Hills, and National University. When I’m not teaching, I am an avid fan of music and DJ. Also, I curate art, concerts, and music events in California and other U.S. cities. I like to conclude that I am an easy going person who is very passionate about helping others. I look forward to greeting you with a smile.

Philosophy of Teaching

Science and Mathematics is the universal language of the universe.  These subjects are used  in over 90 percent of all jobs. As consumers, we use science and math daily. As an instructor at LCAS, I feel that it is important that instructions are provided in a comprehensive environment. How does chemistry, biology, and math relate to the real world? Why do we need to learn about fractions and decimals? These are many questions asked on a daily basis by adult learners.  

As an Adult education teacher, I have a belief in partnership with private educational entities. Private sector businesses and educational organizations help extend budgets and also provide better comprehensive education environments. These engaged partnerships will continue to help future educators such as myself provide an essential and effective classroom. All students, regardless of social economics background, will have a chance to compete with the rest of the world. I am a firm believer in a “chance”. Students should be provided a learning environment to learn regardless of the subject.

I have a philosophical belief that technology should be integrated in Mathematics and science instructions. Integrating new technology is a powerful strategy. . I am able to create learning and tutorial activities based upon lesson plans. Technology also allows for differentiated instructions in which feedback, explanations, group work, and supplementary work enhances learning for all Adult learners. By engaging students with technology, students gain a better understanding of how science and math works in their everyday lives. Students are able to accept challenges outside of the classroom and gain confidence from solving math problems. My goal is get rid of the fears Adult learners may have from earlier years in schools. In conclusion, I want students to leave my classroom with a new sense of confidence, community, knowledge of self, and progress. My hope is that they are able to bridge the gap of future learners and educators across the world during these times. 

What do site digital coaches do? 

 Fellow Digital Coach Jalen France came up with this great list when asked what we do:

Support Teachers & Staff
  • Join in on teacher’s live sessions to support with new implementation of tech tools
  • Offer 1 on 1 training sessions for teachers on using district apps and websites
  • Join in on grade level meetings to discuss tech support needs
  • Individual Teacher Coaching 
  • Help with tech interaction of lessons.  
  • Set Tech Goals with teachers
Support Students 
  • Answer Student Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Offer Students Tips & Tricks for staying organized while learning online
  • Send out Digital Citizenship Tips & Activities
  • How to write emails 
  • How to archive / organize emails 
  • Commenting in google classroom 
Support Parents
  • Join in on parent workshop sessions 
  • Tech Q&A
  • Answer any questions sent to the front office 
  • Gather a list of frequently asked questions
"If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else."- Booker. T. Washington 
Class Schedule